Class of 2021 / Photo by Susan Meyer

“Were it not for the scholarship, I would not have been able to attend at all. I am a single mother and a musical artist and this program became a part of my freedom song. I am so grateful for the Hidden Treasure Program and for the teachers who make it possible, and I am ever grateful that there was a scholarship option that this program could become an important part of my story.

The Hidden Treasure Program has helped me live a more embodied life. While I attended this program I gathered tools in the form of mediation techniques, writing prompts, visualizations and unexpectedly powerful friendships. The length of the program is perfect in that by showing up for it again and again, I also showed up for myself again and again.”

~ Anonymous Hidden Treasure Graduate and Scholarship Recipient

The world needs the healing tools of Hidden Treasure now, more than ever.

Dearest Treasures,

When we first received the note above from one of our past scholarship recipients, we felt an incredible surge of warmth in our hearts. We are grateful for the continued opportunity to share this wisdom, and are incredibly lucky to have had the guidance of teachers past, and the leadership of our founder, Alice McDowell, who have healed so many hearts these past twenty five years, to light the way.

Hidden Treasure is a rare kind of gift that touches, not just the hearts of those in the program, but also our loved ones, communities and the world at large.

And yet, for many of us, the pursuit of inner work in a program like Hidden Treasure is a luxury and a privilege that many simply cannot afford.

Scholarships make the program accessible for many who can greatly benefit from it. We see that this work has a ripple effect. One life changes and it influences all those within their sphere. One light is lit and it illuminates the village.

We appreciate your ongoing support of the Hidden Treasure Program! Please consider us for your Giving Tuesday and year-end giving this season. Scroll down for information on how to make your tax-deductible donation to Hidden Treasure.

We’re grateful to be on this continued journey with you all!

With Love,
Elisa and Joe and the Hidden Treasure Board of Directors

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Thank you for your love and support of this beautiful work. Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season.

Love and Light,
Elisa and Joe
And the Hidden Treasure Board of Directors