Alice McDowell

Alice McDowell, Ph.D., director of the Hidden Treasure program, is a counselor in private practice, retreat guide, and co-founder of Light on the Hill Retreat Center. She is author of the award-winning book, Hidden Treasure: How to Break Free of Five Patterns that Hide Your True Self and Dance of Light: East-West Wisdom to Illuminate Your Spiritual Life (forthcoming). Formerly a professor of religious studies at Ithaca College for 18 years, she now facilitates groups devoted to inner work.

She has trained with healers, humanist and transpersonal psychologists, Sufi and Buddhist teachers, and Christian contemplatives, and has guided people in their personal and spiritual journeys for over 30 years. She draws upon her diverse training and life experience to help others awaken to their true selves, their divinity within.

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Listen to an interview with Alice on the WRFI radio program, The Made of Clay Report, with Eric Clay, M.Div., Ph.D., host of the program and founder of Shared Journeys.

Hidden Treasure is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in bookstores everywhere.

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Elisa S. Keeler, M.A Transpersonal Psychology, is a Hidden Treasure graduate and a teacher of the program since 2011. Elisa leads transformational workshops, retreats, song circles, and sacred ceremonies. She emphasizes the importance of connecting with inner guidance, purpose, passion, creativity, joy, spirituality, and community.

Elisa is the founder of the Freeing Your Voice Workshop for adults and the Music for Unity and Social Change Program for public schools. She is a performing soul singer and recording artist. Her original lyrics and messages are influenced by the teachings of Hidden Treasure.

Elisa S. Keeler, M.A.

Joe Iadanza

Joe Iadanza is a contemporary spiritual teacher, counselor, and a touring singer songwriter. He is the Founder of The Living Room Studio, helping people deepen their inner growth through self-study, meditation and contemplation. His mission is to provide a supportive and empowering environment where people can find time for reflection and engage in deep inner work.

Joe leads individuals and groups through their own self-inquiry and the study of spiritual texts; specifically, “A Course in Miracles”, which he has worked with since 2005. In addition to teaching in the Hidden Treasure Program, he’s a founding board member of United We Om, a non-profit that has shared Yoga and Meditation with over 15,000 people in trauma impacted communities since 2015.

Julie Schnepel, Ph.D. (in music), is a Hidden Treasure graduate, and she has been teaching in the program since 2006. She is also a member of the Light on the Hill Board. She has taught music history at Ithaca College, and has run the U.S. office of an international database of music literature at Cornell University since 2002.

Julie has deepened her understanding of the Enneagram through studies with Russ Hudson and others at the Enneagram Institute. She has found valuable ways to align elements of work and spiritual life, particularly through her work with Mark Silver and The Heart of Business. Julie brings qualities of acceptance, compassion, empathy, and insight to her work in the Hidden Treasure Program.

Julie Schnepel, Ph.D.